I would like to return my merchandise, what should I do?
  1. Make sure to read over our Returns Policy before proceeding.

  2. If your merchandise does qualify for return, you must request an RMA. You may do so by emailing us or contacting us.

  3. Send a copy of the email with the return confirmation or the RMA number with your return. This will ensure we can identify who the returned merchandise belongs to. If possible, send a copy of the invoice as well.  

I received an item that is different from the one I ordered
  1. First of all, we apologize. We both agree that should not had happend.

  2. Please contact us immediately and we will arrange the RMA and a Call Tag so you can send the product back to us at no expense to you. 

  3. Once we receive the incorrectly sent item, we will expedite the shipment of the item you ordered. 


I made a purchase over a week ago and I still have not received my merchandise.
  1. Don’t panic, we insure all outgoing merchandise for a reason!

  2. Check your email to make sure that we did not notify you that your order was going to be delayed for some reason.

  3. Check the tracking information we provided you with. You should see an estimated delivery date. If the estimated delivery date has passed, please contact us with a short description of your issue and the tracking number. Our team will look into the issue and follow up with you with more information.

  4. Shipments made overseas can take up to 2 months to be delivered. Normally, the delays happen in customs so you may need to contact your country’s customs authority for more details (make sure to provide them the tracking number, shipping carrier and package contents information).


I received a T.V. the box looked fine so I signed for it. When I opened the box, the screen was damaged.
  1. If you are still within the 24 hour period since you received the TV please contact us immediately. 

  2. Take several pictures of the shipping box, the TV, the shipping label, and any other pictures you believe necessary. 

  3. We will file the insurance claim for you, but keep in mind that since the shipment was already signed as received in good condition we can not respond for the broken screen. If the insurance responds for the claim, we will happily refund you or send you a replacement TV (depending on our inventory at that point in time).

  4. Do not throw away the broken TV. The shipper’s insurance will pick it up and use it as evidence for the case. After the claim has been closed, they will properly dispose of the TV.

The product I bought is not functioning properly.
  1. We highly recommend that you first contact the manufacturer of the product and speak to their customer support specialists. They have dedicated personnel that can assist you with in-depth troubleshooting with their products. Also, manufacturers will sometimes replace the item without any costs to you, or they might even repair if for free.

  2. If you are within the 7 day period for AVCStore returns, please review our return policy and contact us.